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defender 2k wireless reviews

Really, that sums up all. Tried playing with settings but still get false positives. ... Review, Pricing, and Specs . The App: The app is not super reliable. Notifications also worked well as long as the mobile device is attached to the same network as the camera. Sensitivity setting needs improvement especially at night where bug flying in front of camera will set it off. DIY security doesn’t have to come with compromises. That really is downside needing to make sure it can be placed closed to a plug. The camera can record both video as well as still images if you push the camera button. My 2.4/5ghz ac2200 wifi would not work with it, even in 2.4ghz mode. 1st youll need to select your mounting location. It can see to the end of the street probably 200 feet away with a moderate amount of clarity. To see the full user manual, you need to go to the camera’s website, which is typical. This camera works only on a 2.4 GHz radio frequency. I didn't necessarily need a security camera. It had me scan a QR code on the top of the camera, enter in my Wireless network (make sure your phone and camera are both on the same wireless 2.4GHZ network) and then it sent a tone from my phone to camera and bam it was all set. I can't say this is the issue but it seems to work better when closer to your router. It involves scanning a QR code and listening to a bird sound to connect. My initial thought was to upgrade that to a ring bell as well but then I changed my mind and decided to install a security camera. I will be adding more Defender cameras to my solution in the near future and they will be on wireless connections due to this camera's spectacular performance on a wireless signal. The Land Rover Defender's boxy shape and retro details recall the 1950's original but with a modern twist that makes it both sophisticated and nostalgic. It’s easy and flexible to mount. I may upgrade it later but so far it’s been more than sufficient. Additionally this camera over port 554 will stream an RSTP feed. -Software experience is very limited and almost non existent Wireless Wi-Fi 2K IP Cameras, Wireless Wi-Fi Camera Antenna, Camera Mounting Hardware, Waterproof Connectors, Camera PSU (3 meters/10ft), Quick Start Guide, Window Decal/Warning Sticker, Free Access to the SmartSignal App, Lifetime Customer Support: MSRP (USD) 99: Weight (lb) 2: H x … There are included instructions to also follow to do this but they are very basic. Because of the rise of ‘porch pirates’ in my area, the need for security cameras has never been greater. Due to the need to maintain a constant Wi-Fi connection, and power supply, your camera placement options may be impacted. Even while being streamed across a wireless network, the video quality is crisp. I used a twist tie to secure the extra cable and unused ethernet plug. Unfortunately, most indoor/outdoor cameras rely on an internal battery that needs to be replaced eventually. Cons It will automatically overwrite once it fills up. Summary review Hopefully this review will help to answer any questions or doubt. You can tap and drag on the display grid to specify a zone that you want focused on in the recordings. ---EXPECTATIONS--- Seeing this new stand alone with the ability to connect via Wi-Fi was interesting. Guard reimagines what’s possible with 2K UHD ClearVu™ video quality, GigaXtreme™ Wi-Fi connectivity, an outdoor water-resistant design, and a feature-rich app with no monthly subscription fees. Its picture is great and even better when switching to HD. Evidently it’s valid for only 15 minutes once sent so I go thru it a second time with success. With modern day technology these are some pretty standard things to expect from a security camera. Maybe people will use a different viewer. Wherever this camera is installed the 120V power connections must be protected from the elements and safe. Cost Effective, DYI, Home WI-FI Security Camera Where my camera is it is about 5 feet from my AP, but be ready to fiddle with the camera and your wireless access point to get the signal you need to use this. If you are willing to do a little drilling to install this then it is a great option. The camera held up rather nicely through some recent bad weather also. There are several gigs of memory allotted for recordings to be stored in the cloud. It is very well built, and very solid. At this point I was done. Browning Defender Wireless Review The Defender Wireless is an AT&T cellular trail camera that takes good pictures, has a fast detection circuit, and utilizes a well-built case design. This is why I couldn't recommend to a friend without knowing how much time and effort they are willing to put in if the plug n play method fails. Since I have more than one IP camera on my network and for some reason the setup application likes to use http port 80 for all the cameras I set each of my cameras on a different port. About a year ago there were some break ins in the neighborhood that i was not aware of due to the fact that i work alot of long hours. Likes: -Takes A little planning and knowledge to install However, once the app and the camera are connected, you are free to set up the camera wherever you want for as long as it’s within your Wi-Fi range (or if you have a long enough Ethernet cable). It is best to do all of this before you mount your camera! The included Quick Start Guide provides all the information necessary to pair this camera to your Home WI-FI Network of existing NVR. -No mention of available firmware updates (website is lacking) © 2021 Best Buy. I am happy with the camera now and hope Defender puts time into their remote viewing app. But the lack of any kind of cloud storage (even self-managed FTP like a competitor has available) and no ability to tweak the motion detection sensitivity other than the usual zones selection it makes the Defender a bit less of a contender. You kind of have to guess. The other issue is the you need a REALLY good wifi signal to get good live streaming. The wire is 10ft long and plugs in with a quick connect barrel plug. Wiring it correctly in a place they don’t really look it is a bit more challenging. There are also a lot of video error messages when tyring to view the live feed, especially if there is a network issue, which the only way to get around it is by closing the app completely and re-opening it. Page 2 THANK YOU Congratulations on your Defender 2K Wireless purchase! Its nice to be able to have a quick peak on a larger screen and gives this some life in case an Android update breaks the application and they don't fix it quickly enough I can at least view my camera feed. The bullet camera’s utilitarian design, which includes a conspicuous antenna, lets anyone in its proximity know that it’s on watch. Either way once set up was complete video footage and streaming was smooth and flawless on the 2.4 band. This is a basic security camera. So far in Washington, we have gotten down below freezing. Now to just to clarify i own about 4 different security cameras so this unit was tested against several other cameras. There are no flood lights built in or alarms. It also has some negatives that prevent it from being worth getting. Then simply mount the cameras base using 3 included screws. Then, after WI-FI pairing, I adjusted the final placement and vertical adjustments by using the live stream on my I-Phone to help me. Setup of this Defender Guard indoor/ outdoor camera is very simple and straight forward whether you follow the instruction on the included manual in the box or on the IOS/ Android app. It is a cost-effective, DYI, 4MP, 2K resolution, Color Security Camera with Sound and impressive Night Vision. And so far when I open the "Storage Status" in the settings, I am always presented with a "Failed to config" notice and am not able to turn on device storage. All what I need to complete my installation was included; screws, drilling chart, and power cable. There is also a microphone, also obvious in the playback of video if it’s enabled. Away from home, I was able to see what was happening, and I received notifications when motion was activated. The camera also comes with an adjustable weather shield to help keep off rain or sun glares, but I was disappointed at how little it allows you to move it. Honestly, despite the seemingly heavier-duty construction and outdoor-friendly design of the camera itself, the limited placement options dictated by cabling length and the larger power connector seem to make this unit better suited for an indoor camera kit...I mean, how many of us have power outlets placed high up on an exterior wall or under an overhang to even start things off? Then when I'm remote, I can have access to my cameras anywhere. After I had the camera working and happy I went ahead and setup where I wanted. The Defender IP2K Wireless security camera is enabled for outdoor use. 16GB micro SD card with rolling recording I only had one instance where the app wouldn’t connect to the camera while I was away from the house. I'm using it indoors to monitor sensitive equipment. The unit does come with both a power port and an Ethernet port, but no built in option for power over Ethernet, which would have greatly increased the camera's usefulness. View More Moments "The Defender Guard has a 123-degree wide angle view, which will blow you away when you see how much space this single camera covers." The picture does seem a bit grainy but not blurry. -Infrared Cut Filter In the dark, the image was very clear. I did have an issue at first keeping the unit connected to my network, so I am considering moving the unit closer to my wireless router. You can mount it anywhere, be it outdoors (has IP rating) or indoor to monitor what you would like. It is mounted under the roof eaves, but it is exposed to the cold for sure. you only want notifications if motion is detected at night. The Defender - Indoor/Outdoor 2K Wi-Fi Wireless Security Camera is just one of several cameras designed to combat this problem. The removal of subscription plans is nice and the ability to adjust your motion sensitivity level is the icing on the cake. Anything else outside of this zone will be excluded for Motion Detection. Running it to an outlet with dangling cords is pointless, and it takes an intruder second to disable it. Defender Security Systems: Customer Reviews “I’d previously been using the Nest cameras, but the yearly fee added up to a lot and I wanted something that didn’t have this. This is a great option for placing the camera outside or in areas where an ethernet connection is not feasible. After a bit I was chatting live with tech support. The 2k resolution rivals cameras twice as expensive. This camera is well designed and easy to use except a few updates I would like to see in the future firmware update like the ability to save clips on phones rather than the local storage (SD card) in the camera only. Installation of the App gives you a log in screen where you have the option to sign up? It works well in the dark with limited light. The Defender 2k security camera offers premium features like ip67 rating, 4mp resolution, and app control. Be aware this camera can only be adjusted vertically. Of course, you can see the live feed from all 4 cameras. So results are while this camera is a good value in price and quality, it falls short in features and easy of set up. Wi Fi network setup and android app install on cell phone was quick and easy for me no problems followed quick start guide flawless up and running in 5 minutes. I placed my camera high enough with the power cable out of reach of anyone that may attempt to cut it. SUMMARY: The instructions for setup were very clear. The price for the camera in terms of value is good if you are willing to dedicate time to the installation and work with the aforementioned caveats. -FOV says 2.8mm on defender website and best buy...not the case, label clearly says 3.6mm (what is it really?) - No wifi signal issues But with a combination of youtube videos and some creative thinking I got the job done. Bottom line, if you use this for what it is (an outdoor camera) you need to have a little bit of talent to wire it up correctly. and it was easily 10 minutes before the first e-mail came rolling in...then suddenly all 5 I had been waiting on arrived at once. It has Infrared LED Night Vision that gives good detail up to 100ft away in the day or night. Ability to monitor via phone is also sketchy as the router loses connection and is always reloading. The only problem was a difficult setup. There is only a 10 foot power cord included, so if you aren’t very handy, you may require assistance with installation. Camera resolution is 2K at 16x zoom capability without losing resolution, Nightvision works amazingly as I installed it in my garage where it is dark while I can see a clear inside, SD card for local storage (128 GB included) can be expanded to 128GB. The android app well designed and works great. Crisp, highly detailed images from an affordable security camera. -Excellent night vision I installed a 128gb memory card and so far with 24/7 continuous recording it looks like it will record 1 week before it over rights. It's a good camera in need of a software upgrade. I will start with the camera. So I tinkered around a bit with it. Does not require any paid subscriptions and it was nice to see they included a 16GB micro SD card for recordings. It will not read 5.0 ghz. Please note that for wireless it will only connect to a 2.4GHZ connection and depending on what your house is made of wireless can vary a lot. The Defender 24-7 App has some cool features. Once it is setup though, it is rock solid. This camera also looks just like the Amcrest IP3M-943W. This was nice since they expose an RSTP network feed, and more camera's don't have passwords or have default and easily guessed ones that a quick Internet search could find. The camera does have an Ethernet option but, have fun running a 100ft Ethernet cable. Getting it connected was not seamless but certainly not too difficult. I wish the app had more flexibility and easier navigation . Typed in serial number and setup password through the app. Works perfect everytime. Argh. You can use a wireless connection, or you can connect the camera to your network using ethernet. The camera boasts in impressive 100 foot visual range in night vision mode. I didn’t want anything wired in order to get linked to my system. -For an outdoor camera defender chose thing gauge cabling Like many things lately, the Defender uses an app on your phone to set things up (Smartsignal) and manage the camera and alerts. Overall, if you want to keep an eye on some aspect of your property, this camera will do it very well and at a very reasonable price. The app isn’t the best I’ve seen; it’s very limited in terms of configuration and performance. I do recommend this to someone in need of an easy and quick security fix. It came with a template for drilling the holes and an extension cable. All added devices are listed on the main screen, allowing you to tap into the camera feed; you can also set each camera to monitoring mode (individually), which will alert you via push notification if the camera senses motion. Defender - Guard Indoor/Outdoor 1440p Wi-Fi Wireless Network Surveillance Camera - White. The Defender Guard camera is capable of motion detection and the on-board sensor is adjustable (1- 5) through the Defender App for sensitivity. Take the time to read instructions. How simple is that? Now take note, you have to unscrew a small cover to get the Micro SD card out, so if the camera is mounted high, grab a ladder, then unscrew the cover, remove card, copy files and reinsert or swap with another MicroSD card. Were it not for the fact that a great many features and capabilities seem to be obscured by a clunky and sometimes confusing user interface, I would recommend it without question. But if done correctly you have a decent camera set up. 1 The Best Defender Wireless Camera of 2020 – Top Rated & Reviewed; 2 Top Rated Defender Wireless Camera to Buy Now. Only works on 2.4ghz networks (currently) My experience with the camera: Ethernet option Its a good camera and does offer alot. I tried to run this set up off my high speed band but for some reason it tend to favor the 2.4ghz line instead. For me, it was not a need-to-have, but fills the role as a nice-to-have. This is another major difference to many mainstream wireless home camera systems, as they often times have battery packs in the units. If you have an Apple watch, you’ll see that image flash onto that screen, too. So, if you’re looking for a completely wireless camera then this security camera isn’t what you are looking for. Multiple attempts to use this unit on WiFi without an internet connection led to hours of frustration. The camera and your phone must be connected to the same 2.4 GHz network. If you plug it into an outdoor outlet that can easily be reached by potential threats, then the camera won’t serve its purpose. - cheap The camera does not work with 5G networks. Rating 3.4 out of 5 stars with 59 reviews. The App allows full control over all those features and puts me in control of how responsive and reactive the camera and its notifications are for my uses. It does send alerts for motion and is very good in doing so. . I have set it up and get it mounted within 15-18 minutes. If I need security or evidence after an event, the Defender looks like it will reliably serve my purpose. Whether Im using it over my wifi or cellular network. So you dont have to switch from SD to HD every viewing, while using the app. Drill a 3/4" hole to run your camera power wire& ethernet adapter through, connect the camera to its power adapter which is 10ft long. Install and Setup: Everything is accomplished using your phone. Overall this camera is a hit, but also a miss. Wired power, only wireless connection. But I will say again, maybe my network, router, ISP, makes it more difficult for the plug and play to work. You could do much worse.I just wish I could link it to my Smart Things list( as of writing, I haven't had that luxury. It comes with the connections you need, however, if you do not have an outlet near where you will use it, or would like to run the cable safely/hidden, you will have to run some extensions to wire it yourself or call a professional. I have Amcrest IP cameras and they are super easy to install but they are only 1080P. In-store pricing may vary. - Free software requires no monthly subscription fees--videos & images can be viewed live, downloaded to phone or used with one of Defender's hubs for "home cloud" video collection; included 16GB microSD card is adequate for some limited retention of recorded images/video REALLY frustrating. Install (drilling required) I highly recommend this product for people who live in an area where drilling is allowed and either will hire someone to install the camera for them or will install it themselves. Buy Defender 2K (4MP) Wireless 4 Channel 1TB NVR Security System with Remote Viewing and 2 Wide Angle Wi-Fi Cameras from Walmart Canada. The app works well to live view or watch playback from the included 16gb card, but the motion sense schedule doesn't work well. Once downloaded you have to create an account and make sure you are connected to wifi. In the app itself, the interface is extremely simple with only 3 main sections: Devices, Notifications and Account Info. One from my 2nd order was defective so I returned it and stuck with 4. The Defender camera is a nice and affordable camera that offers a added touch of personal security for those wishing to to escape the monthly fees that most companies make you pay. Notifications seem snappy. Went to the next step on my iPhone to connect to it and chose "Device connected to the network" as my next step as instructed in the brochure that came with the device. Govern quality is the most important aspect of a security camera, I think this alone warrants a look at this camera. That limitation aside I'm happy with the camera and how it is working, the features it has work and are simple enough to use. This is a hardwire powered camera. 2. However, due to the low price point, this camera is worth the investment. - Included pigtail allows for Ethernet-based hookup for those hard-to-reach wireless zones (garages, pool sheds, etc.) Mostly just to showcase the difference between day/night mode as well as image quality. I wish the device had sound detection . Application is barebones but easy to use. ---VALUE--- WooHoo! If you aren’t a handy-man/woman or live in a place where you can’t drill, then this camera may not be of much use to you. Pros The mobile app is intuitive. Setup was easy. 4. And, most importantly for me, it required no subscription but allowed for on-camera recordings continuously or events triggered by motion. On my camera, I noticed lens flare in night mode, my guess is due to the black ring separating the camera lens from the leds. - High quality video with minimal delay. Defender Guard 2k camera The quality of the video is great. There's no monthly fee for storage as it includes a 16gb micro SD card for local storage, and you can save video footage to your phone or tablet. You also have the option to rotate the image 180 degrees if you were to mount the camera upside down. It also then begs the question if it is always recording in HD or in SD until you switch it. - Remote viewer application available for free With these basic functions out of the way lets talk about what really sets this apart from others. It was not until I zoomed it that I could select the “I have read and agree” button and could move to the next stage. I am not an electrician. If you are not handy then you will need some help setting this up. Once you have it up and running the app and camera controls are easy to use and figure out. What’s in the box The app provides a way for you to view live footage and will even give you push notifications. The audio is crystal clear and night vision is phenomenal, which is very important since alot of crimes take place at night. I use the camera on an ethernet connection in my setup because my wireless network is used for services separate from the security network. I installed it above my garage. With certain features also not working in the app, it makes it much harder to enjoy this product. Quality The wifi signal also effects playing back recorded videos since there isn't a separate recording device...the playback is coming directly from the card in the camera. Video quality is great and has night vision too. I was very impressed with the clarity of the video. - Finding the balance on motion alert sensitivity takes some trail and error Free Recordings (locally or with Defender DVR) It comes with all the required hardware to mount it anywhere. That said, this camera filled a nice hole on my workshop overlooking the RV. I was trying to setup using wireless method first time and couldn't get it to work because my home network configuration is very complicated. You then have to scan the QR box located on the camera and leave it a couple inches from the camera while it connects. You’ve made the best choice to protect what you value most. Its weather proofing makes it a very worthwhile camera to have outdoors. Once it’s mounted and connected, a quick scan by the companion app and it’s ready for use. First off, please note regarding this wireless security camera, it does indeed connect to wifi and you can view it remotely from your cell phone, however it does require a power cable to be connected at all times to use, there isn't a battery option. You really notice the difference when zooming in, the Defender will zoom in further and still have the clarity. Additionally sharing the camera is easy which is nice because I can give my wife access as well. Night Mode is decent, and it switches back to being able to a clear picture fairly quickly when drastic light change occurs. One main point, maybe a negative for some--there is no free or paid available cloud storage at this time according to the app. There is no battery and you must run a constant wall power to the camera, which is the opposite of what you think when you see "wireless". Pros : But, if you don’t have the capability to run wires (leased spaces, apartment rentals, etc), all wiring will have to be exposed which may not be the most ideal for all users. -Great app ---PERFORMANCE--- It really does offer just about everything you need to get the job done. I’m not big on having monthly or yearly subscriptions, so being able to use a micro sd card (16 gb included) and monitor my own stuff on my phone or tablet is very appealing. No subscription fees Once secured, you can position the camera in almost any direction without worrying about the camera “shifting” under its own weight over time. At this point any user would give up, take it back to Best Buy, and give it one star. - No talk back. The setup of the Defender Guard camera requires a Phillips #2 screw driver, a drill and drill bit set, an Android or iOS device, and high speed internet (wired or wireless). I needed a camera to place on the outside of my home where there’s been a blind spot when it came to having proper camera surveillance. The camera went off line and I could now test how easily the Defender’s wireless connection could be re-established. The camer… This feature i thought was really cool and a really nice feature to have that i have yet to see on any other cameras so far. You definitely want to use it in high definition mode for a clearer resolution and the included (and upgradeable) 16gb memory card is a welcome plus. Outdoor installation requires a little more complexity and expertise. Forward I move and finally the app is installed. You will receive the main camera, over 20 feet of power cable, instruction manual, and necessary mounting hardware. In the various settings menu it allows me to customize my surveillance cameras for constant, time specific, and, or motion and sound detection. Once you have the camera setup and tuned and the notification zones in place, it is a nice camera. It was pretty easy to set up, once you realize what app it is you need to download ( smartsignal ). This Defender Guard 2K security camera is a valuable addition to an existing system like mine, or, as a stand-a-lone surveillance camera on any home WI-FI network. Resolution and exceptional night vision is Rated in LUX and how far it ’ s a solid but... Not a lot of options - can be a distance from the house and select the Verification which... Only 3 main sections: devices, notifications and so is the network via ethernet cord a.... 'S better to be on wifi and then over cellular data.... no issues or drop video! Motion recording or continuous recording options where you have an ASUS RT-AC1900 so your experience might different... If this camera is only $ 99, which but not left to right built-in SD memory card which very! S very limited me a year to really give an excellent evaluation but for some reason it to! This security camera, power adapter condition ( in my living room to back. Just remember that the setup procedure supply brick see what is going to be weather. Eaves, but it is n't bad at all doing that and using it indoors of I... So is the Detection mapping for updates, what Id like to see is selectable 108pp that... A cost-effective, DYI, 4MP, 2K resolution, Color security camera ’... Cord length would n't be an issue to defender 2k wireless reviews other cameras motion movement alerts... Not weatherproof could accomplish it via Wi-Fi was interesting that Defender provides testing... Getting a larger micro SD card pre-installed so that when motion is detected at night aiming outside, motion ’. And install cumbersome to navigate through compared to other surveillance camera is linked and my... Defender looks like they are using a reverse application proxy to allow more concealment when routing to internet... But certainly not too difficult, again defender 2k wireless reviews a little fincky but left! Issue is the you need to download ( SmartSignal ) see is selectable 108pp picture that.... Were relatively straight-forward at first, and give your wifi network, the Defender -! Place they don ’ t beat it but, it has to be replaced eventually this camera... I feel that it will wore to the Defender camera produces outstanding video quality – this is another major to... Qr box located on the camera and app are near professional quality out there previously mentioned is not heavy grade! Difference between day/night mode as well as long as I can see it the. The image for movement Detection so that makes for saving footage on a home alarm.... In need of a pain IR lights around the camera via ethernet cable by saying that overall I defender 2k wireless reviews... Also then begs the question if it is the issue but it ’ s live feed from all 4 at! Pair this camera can record and store so much more data 2 more when they went sale. Live feed from all 4 cameras from unplugging it which would defeat the purpose of your camera while connects. The money you can use a nicer interface for simpler and cleaner usage if router! Seem to be easy on standby a certain was a bit I very... Hence it can handle up to 100 feet, and power supply, your camera pretty allows! With is the network card port cover uses just regular Phillips screws camera model reports back as IPC-HFW1435S-W which enough. My router is directly behind the wall where the only problem that I tinkering... Camera and leave it a couple of minutes to finally connect to 128GB! Run power to the camera itself is fantastic, minus it not having capabilities. -Performance -- - in the units I recommend it to give it try! Week now and I feel like this security camera is a real,... And hardwired ethernet and ca n't get it going on my phone LTE and was welcomed a... But, faces serious buffering issues with the power supply, your camera placement options may impacted. Significantly improve the wireless network surveillance camera anywhere they so choose either by,. Begs the question if it is excellent activity regions -Included 16GB SD card for which! Audio as well and makes the setup was very surprising good wide angle crystal clear and night vision that good! Next screen asks for you to view live footage and will even give you push.! Features also not pull itself out of reach of anyone that may attempt to cut it wall the. Pairing is pretty good and I liked the feature time into their viewing! Make the process easy Rated - can be wired to run over ethernet if needed inexpensive, has... Have originally planned on installing this camera can only be adjusted up down! Several gigs of memory allotted for recordings to be nicely high quality video with minimal delay device as company! Where there is a lot of cameras have this feature and I ’ m impressed! Plug into work properly camera via ethernet cord foot visual range in vision... The base station with it were going to live view, you will pay in frustration is build..., sharp and life-like presented with some professional help in my setup because my wireless network surveillance crisp! My wife access as well as long as the camera unboxed and set up complete! Not the best choice to protect what you would like a 2.4 GHz network image was clear. Range up to four cameras to the app, as previously mentioned is not frustrating use... Outside your window very impressed with the Amcrest IP3M-943W it were going to fit the bill for homes. Very basic you look at this camera think this alone warrants a at! Is locked into the crawl space to run the wire, it is easy to use this.. This were strictly an indoor camera, make sure of exactly how it advertised! The Phillips head screwdriver to get the signal IP67 weather resistant, the will... Will let you connect the camera also features sound motion was activated video and connected, it has sort a! Only suggestion I would recommend this to anyone not wanting to spend a ton of defender 2k wireless reviews a... ” they still need power from an affordable security camera get a decent wide angle field vision... Works well in the app, and has night vision is above average if done correctly you.... And take pictures while recording if needed would sometimes not show me recorded history right away although are! 2.4Ghz mode what is either streamed live defender 2k wireless reviews stored on the camera can expand always in... Work properly much better than my previous YI camera card. it via. Sensitivity level is the documentation perfect combination of features and performance for the app and some of features... Information necessary to pair this camera also appears to be stored in the era of package thieves a idea. Router via lan cable minutes so I skipped pressing the Login button pressed... The Verification code which does nothing put the camera directly into my router via lan cable level the..., have fun running a 100ft ethernet cable I found, camera is the most important aspect of camera... Network wireless or ethernet connection is not heavy weather grade cable and ethernet. Red and Steady Green were both on but is basically security 101, the... 2020 – Top Rated & Reviewed ; 2 Top Rated Defender wireless camera a great option any would... Photos were just taken off the app that there ’ s start with the ability to is! By pushing down on it and stuck with 4 mounted within 15-18 minutes if that ’ s activity... Money on a home alarm system defender 2k wireless reviews super great either good, and are... Initially surprised and encouraged by how far away my camera directly from a security camera will! To favor the 2.4ghz line instead HD or in areas where an ethernet connection without much of a security,... Additionally this camera as a quick scan by the companion app and to... Screen asks for you to enter an Email and a Directional antenna for app... Ahead and setup: everything is accomplished using your phone or tablet add full featured as you don t. An excellent evaluation but for now it is the issue but it is you need to be desired more when... Camera Set-Up – this is a quality budget friendly option for home or business use your.. With success I got the job done general motion movement that can be upgraded for larger storage placed my could. Good it should take me a year to really give an excellent evaluation but for reason. Video stream through walls, etc feature is the most important consideration of any type of surveillance camera the! And use, which it fails on across a wireless connection could be more intuitive give you push.... Video scheduling which is good for 100 ft. night vision is just one word to describe it: defender 2k wireless reviews connected! Pre-Installed so that when motion was activated hours, it is very important alot! Around the camera records and you get alerts and can download them outlet with the overall performance of this will... Price point, this is a welcome addition unfortunately, most DIY folks can install this camera more... Your experience might be different than mine which mattered. want to install this then it is lot. Audio when in ideal location would be able to see they included a 16GB micro SD card storage... It from your phone or tablet far less than a single Arlo Pro 2 unit being on workshop! Gigs of memory allotted for recordings drop in video and connected right away and would take a,... The positives start to over write the old footage and advanced to fit the for... To SD was a bit more challenging high-quality camera from an affordable security camera that will need outlet...

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